As TTC is a contest and not a workshop or conference, it has a rather unusual format. The morning of the contest will be used to score the solutions to the State Elimination case and the FamiliesToPersons case. The afternoon of the contest will be used to score solutions to the Smart Grid case and the live contest (a transformation problem that will be announced on Monday 17th July). The purpose of the morning and afternoon sessions is the same: to present your solution, score the solutions of others, and to determine an overall winner in each category.

Monday 25th June — Thursday 28th June

All day - the conference venue offers plenty of public work stations that can be used as a hackspace for you to work on your solutions to the live contest, or to talk about transformations with other contestants and TTC organisers.

Friday 29th June

Time Detail
09.00 Welcome
09.10 Introduction to the State Elimination case study
09.20 NMF - Georg Hinkel
Opponents: Daniel StrĂ¼ber, Mohammadreza Sharbaf et al.

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10.35 Coffee Break
11.00 Introduction to the FamiliesToPersons case study
PDF Slides
12.40 Lunch
14.00 Introduction to the Smart Grid case study
PDF Slides
14.40 Introduction to the Live Contest and solutions Slides
16.00 Awards and Wrap Up
16.30 Contest ends