Solutions to the Social Media Live Case

Case resources:

The following 13 solutions were submitted:

Tool Authors
ATL-OCL Massimo Tisi
Active Operations Framework Frederic Jouault
Hawk (optimised update and query) Slides Antonio Garcia-Dominguez
Hawk (optimised update) Slides Antonio Garcia-Dominguez
Hawk (save and reindex) Slides Antonio Garcia-Dominguez
JastAdd Slides Rene Schoene
NMF (incremental) Georg Hinkel
NMF (parallel) Georg Hinkel
NMF (reference solution) Georg Hinkel
NMF (transactions) Georg Hinkel
YAMTL (solution A) Slides Artur Boronat
YAMTL (solution B) Slides Artur Boronat
Xtend Valentin Besnard


The solutions were scored at the contest, resulting in the following awards:

Audience Award: Active Operations Framework
Most Concise: ATL-OCL
Most Scalable: YAMTL